Matt Steel - Creative Freelancer
I’ve spent the past 25 years helping clients build strong, clear and consistent visual communications. With each job, I combine creative vision with my understanding of the design and production process to deliver in meaningful, effective ways. I’m fast and flexible across a wide range of areas including print, digital, illustration and logo design – and with extensive experience, I can draw reference from a whole spectrum of influences.I’ve worked in the creative advertising industry for over 25 years – for a number of London agencies as well as long-standing freelance clients. My background is in print, so I have a deep understanding of litho printing, repro, packaging and large-format display, with experience working for well-known brands on retail catalogues, branding and press campaigns. Over the last decade, I’ve been more and more involved in online work, including email campaigns, web design and production of online assets.
Skills: Print and Digital Design (UI), Illustration, Artworking, Reprographics, Retouching, Packaging.
SoftwareAdobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, Muse, Acrobat, Procreate, PowerPoint, Keynote, Quark Express. 
Hardware: Mac Studio, Macbook Pro, Wacom Tablet, Camera - Canon 5d MkII, iPad Pro.
I work directly with clients, and collaborate with many agencies. Maintaining long-lasting working relationships is high on my agenda. I’m committed to my clients, I’m open and consultative in my approach, and I’m always fun to work with. It’s why my clients trust me. Together, we've done some brilliant stuff. I’m an adventurous thing, and I’m always turning my hand to different sectors and projects – so watch this space.
Here's some loverly words that some loverly people said about me.
"Matt is absolutely super. Takes on any tasks requested, is knowledgeable in his field and works really hard. I highly recommend him."
Ana Jones, Traffic Manager at Havas
"Matt was a superb addition to our studio. He’s a great chap to work with, has really good retouching and comping skills and is great at technical artwork too. I can’t recommend Matt highly enough."
Dan Anderson, Head of Delivery at AML
"Matt never lets you down, if there was ever someone to lean on to deliver in a crisis he would be the one. Multi-skilled, from simple typesetting to complicated illustrative design, from print to digital, he can do it all. A very hard working and conscientious person."
Neil Carter, Technology & Creative Services Manager at Alexander Mann Solutions
"I couldn't have asked for a more accomplished Production Team Leader, Artworker and, on many occasion, Illustrator. His knowledge of print and digital was always invaluable and I can think of multiple awards that wouldn't be in the cabinet if not for Matts involvement. I couldn't recommend Matt highly enough to any creative design or production department." 
Noel Thomas, Co-founder & Creative Director of CAthree
"Matt's been in my team for seven years and he's been a brilliant asset throughout. He's an impressive Illustrator and Designer, as well as a fine Production Team Leader - a technically knowledgeable problem-solver who's always focused on getting the job done."
Dan Turner, Creative Director at Penna
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